Chit chat before NAB in Las Vegas


It’s already been a year since the last edition of NAB, a year full of novelty and curiosity, especially towards the 4K, a format which is rapidly catching on.

There are so many things to say … it’s really difficult to start this article.
We have now grown accustomed to Black Magic’s advertising bombardments and to the delivery dates being postponed several times.
The BMPC is making up for all these months of waiting.
Although this camera still has unresolved problems inherited from the “old” BMCC, it is making waves already.
The laughable price, exceptional color rendering, detail, UHD Pro Res HQ (in the next few months it will also be available the raw), global shutter, excellent DR, complimentary Da Vinci Resolve, make this camera the best buy.
A rumor (though nothing definite) has it that BM will present at least two new cameras at NAB: there are those who are betting on super slow motion camera at low cost, and others who speak of a TV camera. What do you think about?

Here are some still frames from my first BMPC test shooting

Blackmagic Production Camera

Blackmagic Production Camera

Blackmagic Production Camera

Blackmagic Production Camera

Panasonic, after years of waiting on the big sensor cameras front, will present a new Super 35 camera and the GH4 (already seen on several occasions), both capable of recording 4K images.



Even Canon (though there is nothing official yet) probably is about to launch two new Cinema EOS cameras (from Canon Rumors): a new mirror less FF compact 4K camera at a low cost? I hope so.

Sony has done some very good work with F5 and F55.
With Pro Res and DNxHD on board recording, these two cameras are the most versatile in the medium-high segment.
Many expect that Sony will make it possible to record 4K XAVC on the F5 (even for a fee, if necessary). IMHO, this implementation is necessary, considering the number of low cost 4K cameras that will soon be in the market.

You can see my F5 last video here



Also the permission granted to CD to record 4K raw from the FS700 with the Odyssey7Q, is a good choice.
Honestly, Sony solution is not very usable, with regard to cost and overall dimensions.

You can see my FS700 + Odyssey7Q test here


I am also curious to see the new Red sensor (Dragon) and I will also see whether there is any news from Arri.

As an Italian, I cannot resist talking about the excellent Italian companies present at NAB.
I start with Lock Circle of my friend Dante Cecchin, a manufacturer of genuine mechanical and electronic jewels.
Objects imbued with passion and love for beauty, functionality and genius.
To note the fabulous Prime Circle mount for F3/F5/F55, Alexa and Epic.
It’s able to lock EF mount lenses like the PL mount, with full iris control, even with a wireless remote control.



HPRC is another company that I appreciate very much.
Design, lightness, strength and practicality are the strengths of these beautiful hard cases, definitely the best that I have ever used.



What about Cartoni, a legendary company that has over 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of fluid heads, among the best in the world?
I have always been satisfied by Cartoni’s products.




Need the right power for your camera, lighting and more? Blue Shape has been designing batteries for all needs using the best components on the market, bringing forth innovative solutions and ideas.


Last but not least, Smart System, which will probably not be present at NAB, but I would still like to mention it as a company that produces sheer excellence.
The sliders with and without motors, are the best I’ve tried (I’ve tried many, probably all of the popular brands in the market).
The quality of materials is top notch, as is the attention to detail.
The steadycam (SmartCam) and the skater (Smart3) are the best you can find.
With Andrea Falcucci (Smart System owner), and with the other guys who help him in this beautiful adventure, I have established a truly friendship.






One day, I’d like to see all of these companies to be present together at NAB, thus showcasing Italian excellence.
I know, I am an incurable romantic, but in some cases “unity is strength” especially when the combination will result in good opportunities for everyone.
So, see you at NAB, hoping you do not miss this important event.




4 Responses

  1. zarob2008

    Hi Filippo, all,

    I am looking for my first mirrorless and I am in doubt between the Lumix gh3 and the Olympus omd e 1.
    I know the gh3 has been replaced by the gh4 which by the way is not in the market yet; thus I am looking to find a Gh3 at a better price.

    I would like to take nice photo and excellent videos.
    I have read Gh3 could be better on video nevertheless it seems the i5 axis mage stabilization in Olympus is unbeatable. I look forward to re-use also my old lenses: canon 70-210 f4 as well as 28 and 50 mm.

    Please advise yous comments. Thank you. Bob

  2. Filippo Chiesa

    Hi there Bob,

    the GH3 is fantastic for video and a good camera to take pictures (not the best one).
    I suggest you to wait the GH4, it’s a 4K camera and it works better than the GH3 in low light.
    I don’t know very well the Olympus.

  3. zarob2008

    Thank you in deed. What about to buy it in USA? Would the video work in europe as well ? Any experience. Thank you

  4. Filippo Chiesa

    Probably the GH4 will be the same camera for USA and Europe.

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