Rehoused lenses or jewels?


“That branch of the lake of Como, which extends towards the south, is enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains, which, as they advance and recede, diversify its shores with numerous bays and inlets…” (A. Manzoni)

Lock Circle, one of my favorite companies is located in this wonderful place (lake of Como).



It all started six years ago, thanks to a friend who introduced me to Dante Cecchin during one of my workshops in Milan.

Who is Dante?

In addition to being the founder of Lock Circle, Dante has always been a genius inventor and a DOP that is always a step ahead.

In recent years, I have closely followed the development of the “fool” projects put into action by this beautiful Italian company, starting with the incredible and useful aluminum cap (it really is not just a cap, there is a lot more behind it), through the various LockPorts, the BirdCage, the amazing XE Controller, all the way to the best lens rehousing ever.

All entirely handcrafted.

As for the lenses, the scales, in meters or feet, are marked by hand on each optic (there is no precision lens like this in the same price range), a process that is normally only used on high-end lenses, such as the Master Prime from Zeiss, etc…


Everything written on the barrel is done so with the technique of engraving and is colored by hand.

The special anodized aluminum makes the surface even more durable and hard to the touch.


Just a short time ago, during a fantastic lunch at a Bellagio restaurant (not the one in Las Vegas) on the lake, I asked Dante if lenses could be customized.

Coming from a person who loves challenges, the answer could only be “why not!”

I’m not a megalomaniac, but I have a deep appreciation for beautiful things and, in that moment, I felt the need to have an object to keep forever, not to resell as I usually do with 90% of the gear I use.


After a few days of reflection, I went back to Lake of Como.

Over a bottle of Valpolicella Superiore that I brought for Dante and an excellent beer from the Toccalmatto brewery for me (unfortunately, I don’t like the wine), we chose the optics, fitting them on a projector and picking a color: anodized matt black and written in yellow and red with my name and my logo on the top front of the barrel.


What more can I say?

Roses are red, violets are blue, these are the right lenses for you.

All jokes aside, if you are like me, without the budget to buy a Master Prime set, but you still want something unique and high quality, I would have no doubts when choosing these lenses (by the way, the lenses are from Zeiss).

Here is a video I made with my Prime Circle jewels.



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