I’m a professional filmmaker.
It’s difficult to summarise my expertise in just a few lines.

I’m a traveller for choice.

As always when I visit another country, I immediately try to enter the local reality and to “steal” with a glance everything that’s around me.

My profession role tries to cover both the artistic aspects and the highly technical aspects.
I diligently probe the market and I’m a tireless researcher.

I don’t necessarily love technology for its own sake, but I think it is quite important to know as much as possible what the market offers in order to communicate my personal view of things in the best way possible and to be able to give first-rate advice to my clients.

I own 4K cameras for all needs, PrimeCircle Zeiss cinema lenses and equipment to fully cover the majority of the work that I am asked to carry out.

I offer my passion and my wide-ranging experience.
Contact me to discuss your projects.